A dream comes true

The Renate Günther Foundation, in cooperation with AIDA, made it possible, that two intensive care patients could go on a little cruise. It was always the wish of these patients to spend some unforgettable days on a cruise and to see foreign countries with their own eyes.

They would have never thought that this dream would eventually become true. But because of the cooperation between the Renate Günther Foundation and the leading cruising line AIDA, these two patients will finally be able to go on a cruise in Mai this year.

Of course the Foundation won’t let the patients alone on this trip. Their familiar nurses will be with them at all times. The medical care is provided through the AIDA’s own “Head of Medical”.

All costs will be covered by the Foundation, which always appreciates even the smallest donations. Only through them the Renate Günther Foundation will be able to continue fulfilling dreams.

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